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The deaths of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor and others have brought national attention to the persistent, ugly inequalities we face daily as Black Americans. We are encouraged by the outpouring of emotion and peaceful protest shown across our county. We condemn any violence, but we understand the anger. These events should both sadden and enrage anyone who believes in justice and equality.

Thompson, Hall and Jordan is at its core a service organization. Our mission is to help primarily African American families find a portion of peace and comfort at some of the most difficult times in their lives. We support and are supported by the black community. As such, our voices need to be heard and our faces need to be seen in a community crying out for positive change.

We believe we are past the point of protest. Now the time has come to act. We pledge to use any peaceful means necessary to eliminate discrimination and racism in all its forms. We will support police reform, promote equal educational access, address wealth inequality, and provide equal opportunity. Together we can tear down the systemic oppression that holds us all back from reaching our true potential.